Todd Danforth is a documentary wedding and portrait photographer based in Los Angeles, California and available worldwide for photographic assignments.

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I have had for as long as I can remember a strong desire for storytelling. I grew up in a small Massachusetts town in the heart of New England with an incredibly large and close-knit family. My Grandfather was the documentarian who filled hundreds of family photo albums since the 1950’s. As a child I would spend hours pouring over the pages of these albums and feeling the nostalgia for a time before I existed. I could feel the gravel driveway beneath my feet, smell my Grandmother’s lush green summer garden, hear the porch door creak as it swung open. With each turn of the page I was transported back in time and through seasons of change. It was in fact my love for these albums and my inheritance of this devotion to maintain a legacy that propelled me on this journey. I have over the last decade documented my family in an ongoing photographic series.

Wedding photography marries my passion for visual narrative storytelling with my desire to remember a moment in time. As a photographer, I can capture the essence of the present as it is right now, as in mere moments it will no longer be, as when in the future you may no longer remember. Memories fade just as quickly as the seasons of New England change. Like my Grandmother’s summer garden, I want you, too, to remember the quiet moments. The moments that when your children and grandchildren look back, they will smell that lush green garden in their mind. I am a quiet observer and naturally unobtrusive, a quality that has allowed me to be present and invisible simultaneously. To let a genuine moment unfold naturally and to capture that moment in real time. To begin a legacy for your family.

I have been fortunate to photograph weddings all across North America from the Green Mountains of Vermont to the beaches of Malibu in California, New York City, Los Angeles, Martha's Vineyard, San Diego, Yacht's off the coast of Florida, Disneyland, Boston, vineyards and wineries all over California, and the vast plains of Oklahoma. 

Los Angeles is currently home. My work includes wedding photography, engagement portraits, family documentary sessions, and portraiture. Additionally, corporate and institutional clients have included Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University, Longy School of Music at Bard College, Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Young Presidents' Organization, and Petersen Automotive Museum, as well as assignment based editorial work for magazine publications.

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